12 Essential Ways You Need To Protect Yourself When Youre An Empath

Kseniya Petukhova

1. Detachment.

Only what you give your power to can affect you. Thus the best is protecting all is What builds the energy come into you is that you sympathize with others–you want to help them, or you are upset and judgmental of them. You think that they’re not fine and you need to “fix” them somehow. The need to “fix” others is one of the things that creates the energy tunnel between you two, and you take their burden or “flaw” into you and subconsciously you try to heal it. But when you develop( and this takes time, maybe lifetimes) the position that everyone is fine, when they run through such issues it’s a study curve for them then you don’t feel the need to fix them anymore. You help them when they’re ready.

2. Journaling.

The daily habit of journaling is another great way to connect with your innermost ego as well as liberate some stuck energy. We largely seem the energy in the form of feelings so when you write how you feel down, the energies begin to shifting and transform. For instance, you can take your periodical and write how you feel and how would you like to feel instead and then write; You’ll recognize changes in the way you feel because by journaling you’ll liberate negative emotions and become more stable.

3. Energy vampires.

Like it or not but we all have people in our surroundings who suck our energy. You’ll know it when “youre feeling” drained after talking with them. It also happens when someone is envious or jealous of you and they( mostly unconsciously) send you their negative energy. They can even wish you something bad to happen. An emotionally charged purpose is powerful, so it’s wise to cut off these people from their own lives. If you have friends who suck your energy you can cut the cords and then stop being in contact with them. If it’s your family or co-workers then ground yourself before talking with them and try to keep it short and with firm boundaries.

4. Meditation.

There are many ways to meditate. I mull each morning differently but I likewise have some longer practises that I continue for an evening routine. Meditation helps you to balance your energy. The more often you do it, the more connected with yourself you feel. So this is a behavior you can be pro-active and protect your energy. But there are also many lanes you can clean your energy in meditation. Find a routine that induces “youre feeling” peaceful, focused, and more energized after you finish.

5. Water.

Water purification is widely practised in Bali but also in many other cultures. The sea represents the flowing Earth energy that washes off anything negative from you. You don’t need to have a holy sea to do it. You can use a simple shower and infuse the water with your intention to be energetically cleaned. Or you can just imagine standing under a cascade and as the sea streams down your torso anything dark and negative is released.

6. A universal vacuum cleaner.

This is a method I often use, although, I’m not sure if anyone else does. Nevertheless, it runs speedily, and you can use it wherever you are. The lane I do it is that I close my eyes, feel into my energy battleground to ensure where any stick or negative energy is and then I see a huge universal vacuum cleaner to suck this energy out of my aura. Then I see white illuminate to fill in the holes. If you practice it few days then you can read to do it within a few seconds so you can use it anywhere( even in the middle of a conversation ).

7. Send it back.

It’s very likely that more than 90% of your ideas and emotions don’t belong to you. Our torsoes are like big sponges sucking in anything in our environment. Thus we can also send the energy back( you don’t have to know who the sender is) or you mail it to the center of the Earth and ask the energy to help you transform it into the light.

8. Kundalini.

Kundalini Yoga or Kundalini Shakti is an excellent way to protect your energy. Kundalini is a spiritual energy or the life force which is located at the end of your spine( the root chakra ). Through a regular practice( meditation, special breathing techniques, chanting mantras, and particular hand points) you awaken Kundalini and read to work with it and make it stronger.

9. Gemstones.

The protective and mending power of crystals have been used since the beginning of day. Each crystal has a different function and can assist you with various life areas. Quartz is the queen because you can use it just for anything. I like to wear a necklace with quartz( from Lapland) over my heart chakra. Especially when I give seminars. If you choose to protect yourself with gemstones, then learn how to take care of them because as they assimilate the negative energy, you have to cleanse it off.

10. Shielding yourself.

It’s very popular recommendation in the West to shield your energy. The basic notion is that you imagine some shape around your torso( and aura) that maintains you safe from outside energies. You can either suppose an egg or cape that is made of white lighting, and it doesn’t let anything negative come to you. But after discussing with Balinese gurus, I’ve realized that this is not always the best solution. They believe that the energy must flow and when you close yourself into this energy cocoon, your own mental and negative energy is get stick there, and you can have negative believes. So, when you shield yourself, imagine that there is a hole above your head for the light to come in and for anything negative “re coming out” you to leave. You can also have a hole above your feet, so the energy flows naturally but keeps the protection ” walls” on other places surrounding your torso. With your intent you permit the good to come it as well as your negative energy to leave, but the outside negative energy is not allowed to come in.

11. Nature. Nature is the best healer.

If you have an opportunity to go the forest or park, you’ll feel calmer and more grounded. You can sit by a tree, close your eyes, and imagine that the negative energy is leaving your body and you connect with the ground under your feet. You can even stroll barefoot( very recommended) and seem the excitements it gives you. For the energy to bide balanced, you must ground yourself regularly.

12. Time alone.

Every empath requires hour alone. This doesn’t change with household or any other commitments. Sometimes we have to disappear from the surface of the world to rejuvenate ourselves. I know that many of us have other people who “need” us. But when you’re alone, the energy that you’ve absorbed from other people naturally fades( if you don’t actively seem into the problems of your friends ). So you balance yourself, and then you have a greater capacity to give “ve been wanting to” others. The time alone should be used consciously and wisely. Use this time to read an inspirational book, meditate, journal, dance, or do something creative. Some people say that this is the last instance, I say that this is needed

Choose techniques that attain you feel peaceful and more balanced. Don’t be afraid to experiment and remember that being an empath involves certain commitments to yourself. If you don’t protect yourself you can create a lot of chaos in your life and also for the ones you desire.

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