25 Things I Wish I Could Tell My 20-Year-Old Self

  1. Take more images .</ li>
  2. Bagels may be labeled low fat but they actually stimulate people fat .</ li>
  3. Go on crazy dates with your spouse. You are YOUNG .</ li>
  4. Don’t keep buying crib. All of your newborns will sleep in your bed .</ li>
  5. When you hear the words “dot com, ” buy 100 of them. Namely, bible.com
  6. The aircraft won’t accident .</ li>
  7. Say no to the minivan right up front. They last for years .</ li>
  8. Keep a daily periodical .</ li>
  9. Your children are going to be amazing, only don’t run them so ragged .</ li>
  10. Do you want to be right or happy? Stop arguing over silly things .</ li>
  11. Just buy the leather couch…twenty years from now you will still want it .</ li>
  12. Invent Crossfit and Zumba .</ li>
  13. Appreciate your parents. They get SO wise. And they are just people who are trying really hard .</ li>
  14. When Scott does nice things for you, take it as a great big bear hug .</ li>
  15. Anxiety assaults are just fake anxiety. There is no wolf behind you. So relax .</ li>
  16. Go straight to the horn-rimmed glasses, those tiny frames will do you no favors .</ li>
  17. Walk each day. It will build you feel really great .</ li>
  18. Put those lovely children to bed a little earlier so you and Scott can have your own hour at night .</ li>
  19. You are right about wanting a daughter for China…and she is so awesome .</ li>
  20. Look at your children when they talk to you…especially after those dang smartphones get invented .</ li>
  21. Keep reading your Bible each night before bed. When you stopped, you struggled more in life .</ li>
  22. Give your friends lots of grace. They are doing their best .</ li>
  23. Read poetry and learn to drink red wine. Oops, that was two .</ li>
  24. Start saving now for your daughters’ bridals.( You will love your first son-in-law, by the route .)</ li>
  25. Expect less, be grateful for more. This will save you a lot of sorrow .</ li>

What would you tell your 20 -year-old-self ?</ div>

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