50 websites to waste your time on

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These fun websites are great for when you, a human, are bored. They’re also great for dogs .</ figcaption>

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Bored with your usual digital stomping grounds?

Don’t fret, friend! There are plenty of sites other than Twitter or Instagram for you to garbage countless hours on. Besides, it’s not like you could be doing something constructive at work or maybe, I don’t know, go outside . That necessitates like actually moving or interacting with other humen. Boo.

So if you prefer procrastination to productivity, this list of 50 websites should maintain you amused for a few hours. Or you could sit there and keep refreshing Facebook until something interesting actually happens.

Useless Websites

1. Find the Invisible Cow ~ Go See

An Internet version of the hiding game Hot and Cold.

2. The Useless Web ~ Go See

Generates even more useless sites to waste your time.

3. Hacker Typer ~ Go See

Hollywood-style hacker code. Pound on your keys and freak out your boss.

4. Pointer Pointer ~ Go See

What’s the point of this? Yeah, I don’t know — merely embrace the weird.

5. Staggering Beauty ~ Go See

Make the worm dance with your mouse. (< strong> Warning :</ strong> Flashing images .)

6. Bees Bees Bees ~ Go See

This site reveals Oprah’s secret plans.

7. Shady URL ~ Go See

Changes URLs to look like viruses.

8. Don’t Even Reply ~ Go See

A collection of emails from awful people.

9. Shut Up and Take My Money ~ Go See

A shopping website of stuff you don’t need, but you really want.

10. Just this giant Wikipedia list of dogs ~ Go See

Space dogs? Check. War dogs? Check. Famous puppies? Check annnnd check.

11. Drive Me Insane ~ Go See

Turn on the illuminations( or a disco ball) in someone’s home from your computer. The site has been running since 1997.

Educational Websites

12. Astronomy Picture of the Day ~ Go See

Stunning photographs of space.

13. Duo Lingo ~ Go See

Learn a new language for free.

14. Hubski ~ Go See

A forum of good ideas and conversations.

15. Lizard Point ~ Go See

Browser-based educational activities.

16. Music Theory ~ Go See

Learn the language of music.

17. Sleepytime ~ Go See

A calculator that tells you exactly when to wake up for a good night’s sleep.

18. Code Academy ~ Go See

Step 1. Learn to Code. Step 2 :</ strong> ??? Step 3 :</ strong> Profit.

19. What Should I Read Next ?</ strong >~ Go See

Suggests books and authors based upon your interests.

20. OnRead ~ Go See

Free e-books.

Creative Websites

21. Weave Silk ~ Go See

Draw stunning symmetrical images with the click of a mouse.

22. I Need a Prompt ~ Go See

An idea generator.

23. This is Sand ~ Go See

Draw things with sand.

Gaming Websites

24. Pokemon Showdown ~ Go See

A Pokemon battle simulator to waste hours on.

25. SNES Party ~ Go See

This site allows you to upload ROMs( legally procured, _of course_, unless you’re a bad person) and play with friends within your browser. Pick a game, share a link to your room, and you’re set.

26. Sporcle ~ Go See

Brain games.Brain

27. Poptropica ~ Go See

An interactive online RPG.

28. TagPro ~ Go See

Multi-player online capture the flag.

29. Cookie Clicker ~ Go See

Click for cookies and level up.

30. Foddy ~ Go See

A running game utilizing your keyboard skills.

31. HabitRPG ~ Go See

A habit build app that treats your life like a game.

32. Flash by Night ~ Go See

A collection of addictive games.

Music Websites

33. Party Cloud ~ Go See

Automatically syncs music , now you’re a DJ.

34. You are Listening to ~ Go See

Syncs police scanners from different cities with ambient music.

35. Incredibox ~ Go See

Create your own music with simply a few clicks.

Mood Websites

36. A Soft Murmur ~ Go See

Set the mood with climate sounds.

37. Rainy Mood ~ Go See

Sometimes, the audio of rain is soothing.

38. Good vs. Evil ~ Go See

When doing good in the world feels too hard, simply vote for good. It won’t change the world, but you the distraction can be nice, even for a moment.

39. Free Rice ~ Go See

Each questions answered correctly translates to 10 grains of rice donated to a starvation charity.

Utility Websites

40. Do I Have a Dead Pixel ?</ strong >~ Go See

Find out.

41. Da Font ~ Go See

So. Many. Fonts.

42. wallhalla ~ Go See

You probably required a new desktop background.

43. Retail Me Not ~ Go See

Deals and steals.

44. Mint ~ Go See

Tracks how you expend your money.

45. Taste Kid ~ Go See

Explores your savours and preferences.

46. Addictive Tips ~ Go See

Tips to improve your digital experience.

47. Lifehacker ~ Go See

Sometimes, it’s the interesting thing in life that need improvement.

48. Instructables ~ Go See

DIY everything.

49. Snopes ~ Go See

Dig deeper and find out the truth.

50. Interface Lift ~ Go See

Stunning photography and backgrounds for all of your devices.

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