7 apps to help you get a peaceful night’s sleep

Sleep Cycle, Pillow, and Pzizz are just a few apps that can help you get a good night’s remainder .</ figcaption>

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Sleeping is a lot harder than it used to be.

There are countless distractions in this world. So many television shows to watch. So much content to meme. So many Chrissy Teigen tweets to read. So many Westworld theories to hypothesize. So many minutes to spend watching Drake strut down a dancing line in curl.

There’s a lot going on in the world right now, too, enough that sleeping can feel pretty much impossible sometimes. Fortunately, the technology that surrounds and distracts us also gives us plentiful tools to help ease ourselves into the land of z’s.

Here are a few apps that will hopefully help you eventually get a good night’s sleep.

Apps that will give you a more wholesome rest

Your daily night’s rest is broken up into several sleep cycles. Research indicates that repeatedly missing sleep or maintaining an inconsistent sleep schedule can mess with your remainder overall. These next few apps help you track your sleep cycles to make sure you’re getting the best sleep you can, and waking up every morning refreshed.

1. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle ways your sleep and wakes you up when you’re least groggy.

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Sleep Cycle is is a nice twisting on the standard alarm clock. Employing your microphone, it tracks your sleep patterns and aftermaths you in the lightest stage of sleep so you’re not groggy. You define a window during which to be woken( for example, between 7 and 7:30 a.m .), and it figures the best time to pulling you out of your slumber. It even lets you tap your phone twice to snooze.

2. Apple Bedtime

Apple’s Bedtime feature is a simple spin on the standard alarm clock. It will lull you out of sleep with a peaceful tone.

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If you want more control over your wake-up period, Apple’s Bedtime, available as part of your Clock app, works similarly to Sleep Cycle, but lets you define an exact time for rising. You can select which days of the week you want your alarm to go off( weekdays only, weekends only, etc .). Choose how many hours you want to sleep, and the app will tell you when to head to bed to wake up on time. It will also give you a push notification before your bedtime.

3. Pillow

Pillow works like Apple’s Bedtime, but also lets you set an array of timed naps.

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Pillow is the perfect app for those who want to know everything they can about the route they’re sleeping. Like Bedtime and Sleep Cycle, it tracks your sleep and wakes you in a light stage of rest. But you can also utilize its features to hour different kind of mid-day rests: power naps( 15 minutes ), recovery naps( 45 minutes ), and full cycle naps( 120 minutes ). It’ll give you information about your heart rate, your REM cycles, and how long it took you to get to sleep.

Apps to lull you into sleep

Mindfulness and meditation has been proven to help people who struggle with insomnia. The apps below focus on meditation through various techniques, like music, nature audios, and voice commands. All are aimed to help you made the country of relaxation you need to go to bed.

1. Pzizz

Pzizz will lull you to sleep with some really soothing music that fades out over time.

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First: This app seems incredible; its appearance alone is calming! As for the music, think of an incredibly soothing, movie-style soundtrack that you set to fade out after an hour or so to assist wind you down before you go to bed. It also offers narration in both male and female voices, but if you find that creepies( which you are able to ), you can closed it off. It also lets “youre using” its music in explodes as a “focus” setting.

2. Headspace: Meditation

Headspace stimulates meditating easy by transgressing it up into small, helpful sessions.

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The Headspace: Meditation app defines you up with different conferences depending on your goals. It’ll send you push notifications reminding you to meditate throughout the day. Each conference only takes a few minutes. If you’re the kind of person whose intellect races before you hit the sack, this app is for you.

3. Calm

Calm lets you enjoy a wide range of meditation tutorials, mixing in the audios of nature to add ambiance.

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Like Headspace: Meditation, Calm will allay your intellect right before bed. The conferences are longer, and you can put in programs over time to ease you into zen. The app offers ambient voices of nature and turns your phone into a giant portrait of a scenic landscape.

The first one I tried was 12 minutes long, and it did an incredible undertaking at helping me calm down. I hadn’t ever tried meditation before. Something about the mix of nature voices and music genuinely set me in a place of peace. Just make sure to also put your telephone on silent; not too long after I finished my session I got a breaking news alert that transgressed my zen.

4. Podcasts

Jason Mantzoukas, June Diane Raphael, and Paul Scheer host the highly entertaining “How Did This Get Made? ”

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If all else fails, podcasts are always an option. Err on the side of comedy to objective the day with a few chuckles before sleeping( I highly recommend “How Did This Get Made? “) or something storytelling-based, like This American Life . Remember to use the sleep timer at the lower end of the app to make sure a long podcast doesn’t wake you once you fall asleep.

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