8 Simple Ways To Cut Costs On Your Wedding Betches

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Oh god. Here we are again with tips-off and tricks on how to cut costs on your wedding and have it not be a precursor to your poverty. If you want things in life like the down payment on a house or a honeymoon that isn’t at a cheap resort in Mexico that serves tainted alcohol, you’re going to need to chill on some bridal day stuff. Everything from food to flowers to photographers expenses a lot of money, and “youre going to” prioritize where it’s cool to pay a couple thousand and where it’s like, uncool. Perhaps none of this applies because Mommy and Daddy are footing the bill, but, like, perhaps they aren’t. Or maybe you’ll piss them off so much that you’ll be paying for it yourself.

In any case, here are a few ways to cut costs on your wedding.

1. Chill On Your Dress

Do you honestly require the custom decorator Oscar De La Renta dress for your wedding day? Yes, it’d be nice to have, and yes, everyone “wouldve been” super jealous( especially your cousin who literally always tries to one-up you ). However, at the end of everything there is, is it necessary to expend more than$ 5k on a dress you’re going to wear once? There are millions of beautiful dress below the$ 5k point, many in the $1,000 to $3,000 scope. If you NEED the designer dress, check the sale racks or shop sample sizes if you’re #blessed enough to be a size zero or two.

2. Don’t Use A Florist

Flowers are going to kill your budget. All of your blooms are going to die three days or less after your reception. I’ve heard of people quoted $30 k on blooms( she wanted an entire altar made of roses, but that’s neither here nor there ). Knowing these cold hard facts, go ahead and get your bridal bouquet and potentially bridesmaids corsages from a florist. But when it comes to decorating cocktail hour serving areas or adorning tables in the reception hall, go for dried arrangings of lavender, baby’s breath, and eucalyptus from your local Michael’s( I know you have a coupon) or mixed floral bouquets from spots like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. Grocers have fresh flowers delivered on the reg and will prevent you spending a metric f* ck ton of fund on the same effect you’re getting from the florist. If you set gas station rises on a table, opportunities are your guests will be too drunk to realize you spent $12 instead of $100.

3. Stock Your Own Booze

Although some of us( me) think it’s tacky, soon-to-be-wedded couples sometimes do a “stock the bar” party instead of a bridal or wedding shower. The object is to remorse guests into buying all the liquor for your event so that you aren’t forced to pay a couple thousand dollars for an all-night open bar. You could also slowly buy nice bottles of top shelf liquor and use that, depending on the size of the wedding. The moral of the narrative is that having an open bar with a bartender with top shelf alcohol at a venue is often extremely expensive. So, if you’re able to at the least stock the bar with your own brew, wine, and liquor to offset some costs, go for it.

4. Limit The Guests

I understanding your mom is dying to invite your third cousin twice removed, but if you want to count pennies for this shindig, limit the guest list. Every person you invite is going to cost you between $50 -1 00 depending on the size of the wedding. Once you think of everyone as a dollar sign–dollars that could be spent on wine during your honeymoon–you’ll stop feeling so obliged to have them sit through your special day.

5. Buy Used

Check out Etsy, Craigslist, weird garage sale, flea market, etc. for wedding decoration like lamps, tea lights, vases, etc. Chances are, you’re going to find little corner-filling items for a lot cheaper( and in probs fine condition) by perusing use items versus going to a planner and having them source stuff for you.

6. Nix The Programs

You know what costs money? Publishing programs. I published 160 programs for my bridal which hosted a guest listing of 150. I still have about 100 said programs laying in a v sad, handwritten book basket in my office. If you want everyone to know the correct Psalm number with which your reading coincides, get a giant, adorable chalkboard, frame it nicely, and have person with lovely handwriting get to work.

7. Don’t Bother With Favors

Save your money. You merely dedicated these ungrateful pleb an all-you-can-eat buffet and free booze. They don’t require a personalized tea sun or Mason jar of local honey that they’ll forget about and leave in their auto. It may add up to only a couple hundred bucks, but every little bit counts when you’re trying to buy home wares like that margarita machine, amirite?

8. Go Buffet

When it comes to food, plainly, a plated dinner is nicer, fancier, and classier. However, if you really want 2 week in Corsica after the bridal, opt for a family style dinner or buffet which is almost always cheaper( don’t@ me ). People can eat as much or as little as they want( less food waste which is like, v planet-friendly ), go up as much as they want, and you are able to have an assortment of mains and sides.

All these tips-off AND MORE can assist you save thousands of dollars on your big, giant, one day party. Remember that when you’re drowning in invites and custom napkin colorings and your bridesmaids refusing to wear pink: it’s a big party. What matters is the man waiting for you at the end of the night; the person or persons you are able to pass out and throw up on this night and every night for the rest of your life.

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