Celebrity Chef John Currences Signature Monkey Bread Recipe

Celebrity chef John Currence is a bit hesitant to share with me the secret to his delicious Monkey Bread recipe.

He has a sheepish look on his face when he ultimately tells me that after experimenting with different homemade biscuit recipes, he eventually tried grocery store canned cookies, which, naturally, worked perfectly.

It’s quite an admission for a Southern chef and especially surprising given that he has won a James Beard Award, but Currence has begun to own the narrative and has even included the recipe in his volume, Big Bad Breakfast.

” We worked on this recipe for weeks when we got ready to open City Grocery for brunch service ,” he writes about the dish in his book.” On the first test run, while not perfect, the Pillsbury Grands monkey bread blew any of the scratching biscuit attempts out of the water .”

Currence continues,” I firmly stand behind the conviction that there are moments when merely the most ridiculous store-bought products will be sufficient. There are times when merely French’s yellow mustard or the cheapest hamburger dill pickle will make a certain recipe run .”

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