DIY Concrete Planters

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Want to make your own Concrete Planters

Well we found this awesome post about how to make a concrete planter and written by  Rebekah-Greiman on Curbly ( which is a fantastic site and we find lots of interesting blogs there). Check it out. Any way Rebekah has a blog of her own called Potholes and Pantyhose, this site is filled with so many great articles that its hard to pick just a few to share with you. Anyway back to the DIY concrete planters post.

To the uninitiated, concrete might seem a bit intimidating. But, it’s got all kinds of fun, design-y uses in home decor projects. These planter project is inexpensive, easy to create and a great way to learn your way around working with a bag of the heavy stuff.  Just be sure to get someone to help you carry it.

Ingredients-Cement Planter Photo: Rebekah Greiman

Here’s all that you’ll need:

  • bucket and access to water
  • rubber gloves
  • sand/topping concrete mix
  • hand shovel or garden trowel
  • cooking oil and paintbrush
  • Exterior mold container: paper bowl, milk carton, oatmeal container, etc
  • Relief containerL plastic or styrofoam cup, plastic bottle, etc
Cement Bucket Photo: Rebekah Greiman

1. Prep your molds by painting a thin layer of cooking oil on the inside of the exterior mold and outside of the relief container. Then, pour several cups of dry concrete mix into a bucket and add a little water at a time.

Cement Mixing Photo: Rebekah Greiman

Mix the cement and water until the consistency is thick and stiff, like a very thick (and heavy) cookie dough. Pour the cement into the exterior mold and insert the relief in the center of the mold. Let dry overnight.

Dried Cement Planter Photo: Rebekah Greiman

Remove the relief and the exterior mold once the cement is dry. That’s it.

Cement Planters Photo: Rebekah Greiman

That’s it? Yep, that’s it. You can use these as indoor/outdoor planters, candle/votive holders, or as a vase.

Succulent Planter Photo: Rebekah Greiman

Experiment with different molds and shapes, and let us know how it goes!

Rebekah Greiman is the creator of Potholes and Pantyhose, a web blog dedicated to original DIY projects. Rebekah’s detailed tutorials are written to educate and entertain, while highlighting crafts, home decor, recipes, remodeling and more. See them all at Potholes and Pantyhose.




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