Enlightening home decor that lets you add zen flair to any room


You know that feeling when you walk into somebody’s apartment and the ambiance only feelings … right? As if all the elements of the universe are functioning in perfect harmony, and only being in that space feels like a sanctuary — like there’s a calming presence by your side?

That feeling is no accident. It’s been carefully crafted with a little help from aromatherapy accessories and an astounding eye for detail. Fortunately for you, you don’t need to fell thousands of pounds on an interior design expert to replicate the zen tendency in your own flat.

With millions of brand new, Buy It Now items from top-rated vendors — and all with the eBay Money Back Guarantee — eBay is the only destination you need when you’re trying to get your indoor space just so .

To buy our curated zen picks below, simply click the shopping tags in the shoppable images. Go ahead, treat yourself to a little tranquility.

A stylish diffuser


Breathe in. Breathe out. Decorating your home doesn’t have to be stressful, and this essential petroleum diffuser is proof. The diffuser features a versatile seem that they are able fit seamlessly into a room that’s styled in either traditional or ultra-modern decor. The device features a variety of time-setting and fog modes, as well as a colour-changing mode and a huge capability for up to 300 ml of water( eight full hours of use ).

The diffuser doubleds as a humidifier to encourage deep relaxation and stress relief; choose from fragrances like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree. This model is utterly silent so as not to be distracting in the midst of your meditation sesh.

Bonsai tree


Few things say “zen” quite as literally as a Bonsai tree. Sadly, the living models require a ton of upkeep — and nobody realistically has period for that. You’re already late for yoga as it is.

We’ve got the perfect solution: This Bonsai kit comes with a low-maintenance artificial plant that looks just like the real bargain. The lovely wooden pot pictured here is also included, making this item a perfect addition to your desk or kitchen windowsill.

Personal Zen garden

Even if you can’t step outside into your own pacifying garden paradise, you can still is beneficial for the meditative practise of focusing on tending your plot. With this zen garden, you can rake its pure white sands into smooth perfection, arrange its boulders into pleasing feng shui, and illuminated a soothing candle to top it all off.

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