Glasgow Green not quite so ‘green’

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Image copyright Re Glasgow Image caption Aerial shoots of Glasgow Green have shown that the ‘green’ has gone following TRNSMT

Aerial photographs have shown that Glasgow Green has lost its “green” after five days of the TRNSMT music festival and weeks of sunny climate.

Thousands of people attended the festival, which was held over two weekends, to assure acts including Liam Gallagher, The Killers and Stereophonics.

More events like BBC Proms in the Park and GO-LIVE! are planned later the summer months.

Image copyright Re Glasgow Image caption One photo has shown that turf is being relaid to get the colour back

How green is your garden?( Send us a painting)

With a warm and dry summer, many people are coming back from holidays to find their lawns absence colour too.

But is yours as sad-looking as Glasgow Green? Send us a picture to newsonlinescotland @bbc.

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