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Alisa Meredith
August 22, 2018


Would you like to multiply your traffic and sales by attracting perfect-fit customers with Pinterest? Sure you would!  And you’re in luck, because Pinterest and online shopping are a match made in ecommerce heaven.

Why Pinterest Can Help You Sell More

With 200 million monthly active users, Pinterest is a place where people go to be inspired, to learn about new ideas and products, to plan their best life. It’s not a social network where users curate a vision of how they want to be seen. It’s a discovery destination which helps people curate ideas to support their own vision of their best possible selves.

All of that inspiration and planning – along with Pinterest’s beautiful images, leads to sales. In fact, 72% of Pinners say that Pinterest has introduced them to a new product or serviceand that Pinterest has inspired them to shop when they weren’t actually looking for anything.

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Pinterest drives more traffic to shopping sites. 33% more than Facebook, 71% more than Instagram, and 200% more than Twitter.

Among those using Pinterest weekly, the numbers are even more compelling. Ninety percent of weekly Pinners use Pinterest to make purchase decisions.

And as for traffic, well, Pinterest drives 33% more referral traffic to shopping sites than does Facebook, 71% more than Snapchat, and 200% more than Twitter! Clearly, the potential for YOUR online store on Pinterest is huge.

How to Sell on Pinterest with a Long-Term Pinterest Strategy

The investment you make today in great images, compelling descriptions, and high-converting landing pages can pay off for months and years to come.

In fact, while most of your reach on social networks occurs in 24 hours of posting, on Pinterest “half of site visits take place 3.5 months after the first pinning, while half of orders take place 2.5 months after the pinning,” says Pinterest

This also means that when you decide to use Pinterest to sell more, you should be patient, realizing that, as in life, overnight success on Pinterest is the exception rather than the rule – but with consistency, sales and success WILL come.

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Why Pinners May Be Your Perfect Customers

Then there’s the overall makeup of the typical Pinner. Seven in ten moms are on Pinterest – and we all know who makes most of the purchasing decisions at home!

If you feel like a bit of an underdog on other networks, Pinterest is for you! Ninety-seven percent of searches are unbranded, meaning Pinners are open minded and eager to discover something new. It also means you have an opportunity to reach people much earlier in their decision-making process.

Understanding this important difference in the way people search on Pinterest compared to say, Google or Amazon, is key to getting your products discovered and increasing your sales.

Pinterest Keyword Research to Help You Sell More on Pinterest

When people search on Pinterest (and there are 200 BILLION searches per month), they’re not usually looking for something specific. In one recent Pinterest webinar, the presenter said, “I don’t go to Pinterest to find Nike shoes. I go to Pinterest because I don’t know how to dress myself!”

So, if you are using the same keyword list for Pinterest that you use for Google, it’s time to branch out.

“Getting your business to show up online in unexpected, yet still relevant places, can increase the likelihood of people saving your Pin or clicking on your ad,” suggests Pinterest.

While you should certainly use your product keywords, you’ll find some less direct keywords will also be very helpful. Start with your typical words and work your way out. Need an example?

Let’s start with the example of Nursery Bedding. What’s one step beyond a search for “nursery bedding”? You could look at it from a couple of different perspectives:

1.    The expectant parent might look for this when they’re in a place where they’re ready to consider nursery bedding:

1.    Nursery ideas

2.    Decorate a nursery

3.    Baby’s room ideas

4.    How to plan for baby

5.    What to buy when you’re expecting

6.    First-time parent tips

2.    Someone looking for gift ideas for the parents to be might search:

1.    Baby shower gift

2.    Baby shower gift ideas

3.    Unique baby shower gift

4.    Ideas for new parents

Pinterest gives us a great tool in its guided search bar which can help you expand on your keyword ideas. Just enter a keyword, like “nursery ideas” into the search bar and hit enter.

Guided search for nursery ideas on Pinterest

Clicking on any of the relevant tiles will likely give you even more options. These are words that Pinterest says people search in connection to your original search term. Use this method to build out your Pinterest-specific keyword lists.

Build and Optimize Your Pinterest Profile & Account

While more action happens in search than anywhere else, that’s no reason to neglect your profile. Especially if you are linking to your profile from your site, in email newsletters, and elsewhere, you’ll want it to look good.



Use your keywords when choosing your username. Remembering that 97% of searches are unbranded, unless you’re an unmistakably famous brand, consider leading with keywords. For example, rather than just “My Brand Name,” try “Home Furnishings | Nursery Bedding | Decor – My Brand Name.”

Use your keywords in your profile description as well. Write in natural language, not attempting to “keyword stuff.” Read more about the new Pinterest business profile, including how to set up your cover photo here.

There are a couple of simple, but important technical steps you can take to give your products and content a better chance of appearing in relevant search.

1.    Make sure you are using a business profile. Not only is this a requirement if you are promoting your business on Pinterest, business profiles provide certain advantages over personal accounts, namely:

1.    Access to analytics.

2.    The ability to claim your website (which gives you a distribution advantage).

3.    Access to Pinterest advertising.

2.    Confirm or “claim” your website.

3.    Apply for Rich Pins.



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