How To Wrap A Present

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How To Wrap A Present When You Have A Cat

After you get a cat, some things change forever. Wrapping gifts is a part of that. Fortunately, Nick Filippou from Baltimore, Maryland, has created a comprehensive comic guidebook, explaining this complex task to all the newbie feline proprietors. “Right now, I have one cat, Minnie, ” the artist behind i iz cat told Bored Panda . “Minnie was a former feral cat from Little Flower Rescue , and I got to meet her as a volunteer. I fell in love immediately. She too has a clipped ear like the kitty in my comics.”

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“I had another former feral, named Sylvia, who sadly passed away last year, ” Nick said. “She was a tortoise shell cat with 3 legs. I adopted both of them at the same hour about 4 years ago. Sylvia had some serious tortitude … but she was a loyal and loving cat. I miss her every day.”

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“Minnie is the sweetest and most talkative cat I had ever gratified. She’s very playful and everyone who gratifies her merely falls in love. She’s also very mischievous … and the inspiration for my comics! We always catch her trying to open cabinets, knock things off of tables, and she even climbed our Christmas tree this year.”

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“She’s also is a little famous on YouTube, with her ‘< em> Ya Hungry ?</ em >’ video compilation with over 4 million views.”

“I’ve always enjoyed drawing doodles, and I decided to start describing my cat as a comic about two years ago, ” the artist added.” He even self-published his first comic book on Amazon, ‘ Twas The Night Before Christmas, As Told By The Cat last year.”

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People were quick to react to the humorous tutorial










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