Keeping your beloved plant alive in a heatwave

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Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Don’t let your lovely plants gratify the same fate as this spathiphyllum( peace lily)

If you think you’re suffering during this heatwave, spare a supposed for your beloved houseplants. Cast your eye over them – how are they doing? Parched? Over-watered? Or surviving?

For people living in a rented home or a flat with a cupboard-sized balcony, buying a few houseplants has become an increasingly popular style to construct home feel more personal.

Pinterest and Instagram accounts such as Urban Jungle Blog are full of pictures of beautifully curated plant-filled rooms.

And earlier this year, a national survey in the US indicated gardening by people aged under-3 5 had reached an all-time high.

Yes, for some people, plants are basically their babies.

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