Kfc’s Secret Recipe

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KFC Secret Recipe Revealed_Photo Johnny Silvercloud_Flickr
Is it the real deal? KFC secret recipe potentially leaked in a casual interview. (Photo, Johnny Silvercloud / Flickr.)

The mystery of KFC’s secret recipe may have just blown wide open. The recipe, leaked in Chicago Tribune interview with Colonel Sanders’ nephew Joe Ledington, was printed last week, and the Internet is on fire about whether it’s the real deal.

How did the recipe get leaked?
While paging through a old family album with Ledington, Tribune reporter Jay Jones noticed a recipe scribbled on the back of Claudia Ledington’s last will and testament — Claudia was the Colonel’s second wife. The not-so-secret recipe read:

11 spices – Mix with 2 cups white fl.

  1. 2/3 Ts Salt
  2. 1/2 Ts Thyme
  3. 1/2 Ts Basil
  4. 1/3 Ts Oregano
  5. 1 Ts Celery salt
  6. 1 Ts Black pepper
  7. 1 Ts Dried mustard
  8. 4 Ts Paprika
  9. 2 Ts Garlic salt
  10. 1 Ts Ground ginger
  11. 3 Ts White pepper

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