Liquid chalk art might be exactly what this world needs right now

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Banksy, eat your heart out .

Image: Kassa

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There’s no reason that outlining with chalk should be child’s play. Feel like a kid again and unleash your inner creativity with the Liquid Chalkboard Creative Bundle .

This 3-piece art supply bundle includes 10 vibrant and opaque liquid chalk markers so you can write on many different kinds of surfaces including traditional chalkboards, glass, and windows. According to the product index, these water-based pens are high-quality , non-toxic and can be easily deleted from non-porous surfaces with the included microfiber eraser cloth.

This bundle also includes a roll-out 6.5 foot by 18 -inch chalkboard so you can turn any flat surface into a creative canvas. It also includes five 12 -inch by 12 -inch black vinyl sheets that can be cut into any shape and 12 feet of transfer tape so you can quickly move your vinyl sheets to the finished surface. Whether you’re decorating chambers, writing the menu on a bistro chalkboard, or making fun DIY projects for Instagram, you can instantaneously transform any flat surface into a bona fide work of art.

The Liquid Chalkboard Creative Bundle normally expenditure $38.85, but you can get it for just $29, a savings of 25 percent.

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