making homemade fish emulsion.

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making homemade fish emulsion.

making homemade fish emulsion.

Extracting the liquid fish emulsion is probably the most laborious part in making homemade fish emulsion. But once you get the fishemulsion in bottles, it’s very easy to use and economical. The fishemulsion has oil and is therefore thick and viscous, much like heavy syrup. Be sure to shake the bottle before using.

One liter bottle of this concentrated liquid fish emulsion goes a long way. A tablespoon of fish emulsion is diluted in a gallon of water, and it is this diluted mixture that you use to water your garden plants. Never pour concentrated fish emulsion directly on your plants.

How to Apply Homemade Fish Emulsion Fertilizer

There are a couple of ways to apply the liquid fish emulsion. One is to water directly to the base of the plant for root uptake. The other is by foliar spray on the leaves.

The procedure outlined below discusses watering the plants roots. It is more effective and reduces fertilizer wastage. But because there is also the danger of water runoff when watering the ground, I use a funnel applicator to ensure focused application of fertilizer to garden plants.

Application of fish emulsion fertilizer may vary from once every 2 weeks to once every month. Since I make my own fish emulsion fertilizer, I apply it every 2 weeks.


  • Liquid Fish Emulsion
  • Plastic Spoon
  • Funnel Applicator – cut top half of a used soda pop bottle
  • Watering Can – without the sprinkler cap

making homemade fish emulsion.


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