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There are a lot of reasons to want a undertaking in the IT industry. Perhaps you love the challenge of problem-solving. Maybe you love helping people, and rejiggering their busted-up computers warms your heart. Perhaps the sounds of clicking and typing keep … the demons at bay. None of those reasons is more right than the others. However, there is a right route to start working in the IT industry, and that’s by get your Cisco Certifications. Certifications are the currency movements get hired, and Cisco provides industry favorites.

This Ultimate Cisco Certification Super Bundle provides you with everything you need to crush nine of the most important and popular certification exams. You want to prove to an employer that you can install, configure, and troubleshoot small networks? Cisco’s get that. You want to work with routers and switches? They can teach you that too. Want to implement Cisco collaboration devices? Even if you don’t know what that means, you will as soon as you take the course. What about a course totally dedicated to teaching administration of Cisco Unified Communications answers? Well no, we don’t have that … psych! Of course we have it! This bundle is bursting at the cyber-seams.

This bundle includes $3,285 in courses, and is available right now through the Cracked Store for merely $59. That’s $6.56 per course, which means you’ll be spending more on the coffee you’ll drink while taking them. And since this is a lifetime access bundle, you don’t even have to get to it right away. You can buy ’em, take a stroll, catch up on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend , play some air guitar, take a nap, speedrun the entire tale mode of Dragon Ball FighterZ , fall in love, fall out of love, triumphantly fall back in love to the anthem “You’re The First, The Last, My Everything” by Barry White, and THEN get around to starting them next week if you want. Or dive in right away! You’re a master of your own fate. We believe in you.

So take advantage of this limited-time 98 percentage off bargain, and expend just $59 on the Ultimate Cisco Certification Super Bundle: Lifetime Access right now in the Cracked Store. When you’re a super successful IT professional, recollect to spare a suppose for us( and then arrived fix our laptops ). You can even save an additional 10 percent by use code MADMARCH1 0 at checkout.

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