Morning baths help well-being – Tory MP

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Media captionMP Tim Loughton tells 5 live Breakfast why he takes an hour-long bath each morning before operate.

A Conservative MP has disclosed he spends up to an hour in the bath every morning “to relax and compose my believes for the working day ahead”.

Tim Loughton is co-chairman of a new all-party working group on mindfulness, a kind of meditation.

He has claimed “one of the greatest causes of stress in the world was the invention of the shower”.

The MP follows in the footsteps of Sir Winston Churchill, who was also fond of a long soak in a hot bath.

Mr Loughton told BBC News: “As part of my daily bath routine I do a little bit of work in the bath, I read newspapers in the bath, but I also do a bit of mindfulness to loosen and compose my believes for the day ahead.



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