Nigella Lawsons Favorite Chicken Recipe to Serve Guests

If you happen to have two ovens, a salamander broiler and a full set of copper pots and pans in your kitchen, then celebrity domestic goddess Nigella Lawson’s eleventh cookbook, At My Table, may not be for you.

The volume, which was just published in the U.S ., celebrates real home cooking. You know, the down-and-dirty cooking you usually do when you’re trying to feed loved ones, while juggling the hundreds of other things demanding your attention on any given day. It is” crucially different ,” says Lawson, from fancy-pants restaurant cooking, which is typically the kind of cook that cookbooks written by professional cooks expect you to do.

No offense to professional cooks, but restaurant-style recipes can be very annoying to make for amateurs.” Too often they haven’t quite factored in that you don’t have thirty people prepping and rinsing for you ,” points out Lawson, who does not consider herself a professional chef.” And they’re very technique heavy .” You might be expected to heat up different ingredients at different oven temperatures or figure out exact section sizings. Worse, the cleanup can take hours as you furiously scrub just about every tool and measuring device in your kitchen.

Enough. There’s an easier way. Lawson’s cookbook is like a breath of fresh air, a welcome opportunity to loosen your apron strings.” There’s more messiness and spontaneity when it comes to home cooking ,” Lawson says.” There’s more generosity .”

Central to home cooking is the table. Lawson happens to have a matched pair.” I work on one and eat at the other ,” she tells.” The difficulty of having one long thin one is that when only a few of you are sitting down for a dinner you have dead space ,” she tells.” It’s not cozy .” Usually, she’ll fit six or so at one table.” It’s a squeezing ,” she tells. And when she’s feeding a larger crowd, she clears the jumble from her running table, pushes the two together, and instantaneously makes a festive place for 18 people to gather and share a meal.

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