How To Draw Pikachu: A Step By Step Guide

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How To Draw Pikachu: A Step By Step Guide

Do you like Pokemon? You’re not a* true* fan until you know how to draw Pikachu! Let’s learn with this fun tutorial !

1. When you think about Pikachu, I want you to envisage a potato. I know that sounds weird but just do it. Have it in your head? Now depicts a potato-like blob.

2. Draw a circle within the top of your potato. This where our face will be.

3. Since we’re viewing our Pikachu from a three-quarter view angle, we’re going to draw some facial guidelines. Let’s start with the horizontal line going down the center of our face circle. Remember, we’re at a three-quarter position so our centre line won’t be in the center of our circle. It will be pushed more to one side than the other.

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4. Now let’s draw the horizontal line in the center of our circle. Our eyes will later be resting on this axis.

5. Draw a very flattened out oval underneath that horizontal axis line. This is our cheek area.

6. Next up are the thighs. Begin by depicting an oval on the bottom of your potato. This one are due to be peeking outwards from the potato a bit.

7. Here’s your other thigh oval, which should intersect your other oval but rest entirely within your potato.

8. Now depicts another smaller oval resting between the outer rim of your head circle and your thigh circle. This is your left arm.

9. Continue by describing another oval on the right side. This should rest on and intersect with your right thigh.

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10. Now for the feet! Depict a very small oval underneath each thigh.

11. Give him some ears so he can hear you better. Describe a rabbit ear oval on each side of the head circle. Recollect that Pikachu’s ears are asymmetrical, so one is more crooked than the other.

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12. It’s time for our eyes, which rest on both our horizontal axis line and the top of our cheek oval.

13. I smell a nose! Draw in a tiny oval right below that cheek line. Later, we’ll turn this into a tiny triangle.

14. Pikachu’s mouth is very adorable and it kind of resembles the number 3 if it were turned on it’s side. Draw two curved lines that are participating in the centre for human rights( horizontal face guideline ).

15. Let’s get cracking on those rosy cheek! Draw two circles towards the bottom of your cheek oval.

Your left cheek is likely to be cut off because of our three-quarter rule so please keep that in mind.

16. Next, let’s describe those black thing on the tips-off of Pikachu’s ears. No idea what they’re supposed to be but it wouldn’t be complete without them! Draw two curved lines at the tips of the ears.

17. Take a deep breath. It’s time for that famous lightning bolt tail. I like to draw it in segments which I refer to in my mind as” tail turds “. A fun and disgusting way to remember it! Let’s begin by drawing our first tiny “turd” which begins, perpendicular, at the top of the right thigh circle.

18. Draw your other turd at the perpendicular objective of that one.

19. Get your other turd in there but make it a little bigger than your last one.

20. Yet another larger turd on top of that one

21. And another.

22. This next one will be quite long and should objective at around the eye line.

23. Now for the end of your tail which appears more like a flag than a turd!

24. Now that the potty humor is over, let’s started to ink over our rough sketch lines. Draw the line for the outer side of your face, keeping in mind how our cheek will stick out a bit from our head.

25. Draw the left ear. Pikachu’s ears phase at the ends.

26. Here’s the top of your head, which is rather flat.

27. Draw your other ear.

28. Let’s describe Pikachu’s back next. Suppose about potatoes again when you’re depicting this line. You should have it dip somewhat in the center.

29. Get that tiny foot in there! Remember to depict your toes, which are nothing more than two lines in the center of your foot.

30. The bottom of your Pikachu should kind of resemble the mouth…two curved lines are joined at the center.

31. There’s the other foot.

32. It’s arm time! Draw in the outside of your limb to join all of your lines.

33. Draw your other arm line on the right-hand side of that line.

34. Complete your left arm by drawing in your thumbs. This can be done rather quickly by depicting a curvy line( or sine wave ).

35. Draw your right arm lines now.

36. Then those sine wave fingers.

37. Get those eyeballs in there now. Draw in a smaller circle within each as your eye highlighting/ reflection.

38. Your nose is nothing more than the tiniest triangle ever. Describe that on top of your tiny nose oval that you previously sketched.

39. Here comes that mouth.

40. Draw your cheek circles next.

41. And you’re eventually at the tail end of this tutorial! Ink out your tail line now. Zig-zag-ing to the finishing line!

42. Pikachu has some stripes on his back so let’s describe those now.

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43. Now erase those sketch lines.

44. And no Pikachu is complete without those iconic Pikachu colours! So let’s color within those lines.

Voila! And we are done. Now I’m craving french fries…

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