Rings $199 security system will finally ship next month

Way back in October of last year, Ring announced “Ring Protect” — a modular , no contract, DIY home security system.

After a few lags, a bit of legal drama and Ring being acquired for a billion dollars by Amazon, the alarm is ultimately about to ship — albeit with a somewhat different( better !) name.

Ring Protect has been redubbed as the more intuitive Ring Alarm — a better name if only because competitor Nest has both a security product and a totally different product( a smoke detector) called Nest Protect.

Ring’s base level alarm kit starts at $199, which includes a keypad( for arming/ disarming the system ), one door/ window sensor, a motion detector and a scope extender. You’ll probably want to add more components, and, fortunately, they’re relatively cheap: another doorway sensor, for example, is $20, while the motion detectors are $30.

Nest’s competing security system packs a few tricks that Ring’s doesn’t( Nest combined the door/ motion sensors into one, for example, and it’s got a fancy RFID system for PIN-free disarming ), but it also expenses $200 more … and that’s after a $100 price drop that, presumably not by coincidence, just happened yesterday.

The system doesn’t require any kind of contract — but if you want professional monitoring, it’ll be $10 a month. That’s a pretty good deal, especially because if you’ve got any of Ring’s cameras( like its smart doorbell, or its floodlight cameras ), that plan includes unlimited video storage for all of’ em.

Ring says it’s got more products on the way to expand the system, including smoke/ carbon monoxide gas detectors and flood sensors.

Ring’s security system is up for pre-order now and, if everything runs as planned, will start shipping on July 4th.

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