Rock Jewellery

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Rock Jewelry

This is from Live In Art, who does fantastic blogs about lots of different thing and this one is about rock jewellery. You will find that I add quite a few of thier awesome blogs.

So lets start here with the one about rock jewellery,

I’ve been churning out work for an upcoming show at The Local, as well as to keep inventory updated at various venues. With the holidays approaching, I’ve also needed to consider offering smaller, more affordable pieces for gift giving. My solution was to create tiny rock and felt charms.

I must say, this sacred time for art creation is my family’s gift to me this year. I am soaking it up with every part of my soul.

Here is a gallery of some of my recent work. You can find it for sale in my shop. Enjoy!











If you would like to look at more of there great work check it out here

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