Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional hearing was all of us trying to explain technology to our grandparents

Down they fall, Mr. Jones.Image: PA Images via Getty Images Life comes at you fast. Over the course of just 24 hours, tech companies have pulled InfoWars head honcho Alex Jones’ biggest digital soapboxes out from under him. This near-simultaneous action occurred quickly and in tandem — and only after weeks of public pressure over […]

Facebook was never ephemeral, and now its Stories wont have to be

Before Snapchat attained social media about just today, Facebook induced it about forever. The 2011 “Timeline” redesign of the specific characteristics and keyword search unlocked your past, fostering you to curate colorful posts about your life’s top moments. That was actually an inspiration for Snapchat, as its CEO Evan Spiegel wrote in its IPO announcement […]

Why teens should put down their phones, sign out of social media, and reclaim their lives

Image: ambar del moral/ mashable Anyone with a smartphone lives in panic of missing out at some level. I’ve personally watched my Boomer parents’ eyes glaze over as they sit at the dinner table and scroll through Facebook. As a Gen X/ Millennial Cusper( a Xennial, if you are able to ), I deleted Facebook […]