‘It’s like the death of a loved one’: as stores close, retail workers lose out to big tech

The opening of a new Amazon fulfilment center in Sacramento hastened the end for two local Sears stores. Heres what some of the affected workers had to say In the Sacramento area of northern California, an Amazon fulfilment centre arrived online last year, striking, it would seem, another blow to the local outlets of Sears, […]

Fireworks aren’t cause for celebration for veterans and gun violence survivors

The loud bangs fireworks create, similar to gunshots, can trigger symptoms of post-traumatic stress For many mass shooting survivors, Fourth of July fireworks are a challenge , not a sign of festivity. It is an issue that military veterans and survivors of everyday Parkland, Florida, and shared on Twitter advised. The post suggested that local […]

In a forgotten town by the Salton Sea, newcomers build a bohemian dream

Bombay Beach, once a desert resort, fell down decrepitude. Now an influx of artists, intellectuals and hipsters are constructing it their playground When ecological disaster reached Bombay Beach, a resort town marooned by a Bombay Beach Biennale, with exhibitions, doctrine seminars, ballet and verse. Sandstorms and scorching sunlight can make it feel closer to Mars […]