Tell Me What You Did Today And Ill Tell You Who You Are

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— Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi was completely right. When you don’t act in accordance with your values and goals, you’re internally-conflicted.

You know you should be doing something — whether that’s working on your programme, being present with your loved ones, feeing healthy, or a number of other things — and you knowingly act in contradictory ways.

Like me, you may justify your behaviours and convince yourself you’re on the path toward your nightmares. But an honest look in the mirror would reveal that you’re deceiving yourself. After all, Gandhi also said, “To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.”

Your behaviors immediately translate into your results. And when you consciously sabotage yourself, you cannot have confidence. Instead, you’ll have identity confusion .

The small material is the big stuff. First things must come first. Motive and momentum are very fickle. It doesn’t matter how much you currently have. You will lose it if you don’t maintain the garden of your life. Which, is a daily process.

I’m not above this. My behaviours often contradict my values and goals. Perfection shouldn’t be the objective. Nonetheless, consistency and implementation of our values and goals generates substantial momentum and results.

There’s no way around it. As Aristotle has said, “You are what you repeatedly do.” Or perhaps Albus Dumbledore set it best, “It is not our abilities that display what we truly are. It is our choices.”

We Live Our Lives In 24 Hour Periods

We all have 24 hours each day. If your days aren’t solid, your life won’t be solid. Once you master your periods, success is inevitable.

How was your day, today?


Look back on all the things you did today. Did you act like the person or persons you wish to become?

If you recurred today every day for the next year, realistically, where would you end up?

If you are to really accomplish your goals and dreams, how much differently would your regular period need to be than today was?

In order to reach your dreamings, what does a “normal” day definitely sounds like?

One of the most effective way to consciously design your ideal life is to start with your ideal day. What does that actually look like?

What activities must happen daily for you to live exactly how you want to be living? You may have several things in the way of your ideal period right now, but are you getting closer?

Your ideal period should be based on your own panorama of “the good life.” You are the only one who can define happiness and success for yourself.

My ideal day includes the following activities 😛 TAGEND

8 hours of deep and healthy sleep.

Conscious eating, which includes healthy and simple meat. At least one banquet every day is eaten with my spouse and kids.

30-60 minutes of workout.

15-30 minutes of prayer and meditation( no smartphone ).

1-2 hours of involved learn( no smartphone ).

2-3 hours of undistracted writing( which doesn’t include email, unless I’m specifically reaching out to someone ).

one hour of teaching/ mentoring.

3+ undistracted hours playing with my children( no smartphone ).

1+ undistracted hours one-on-one with my wife( no smartphone ).

Take a few minutes to see what your ideal day would look like.

Make a list of the activities that would be in your ideal day.

Start tracking how you currently invest your periods. Once you start tracking your time and become awareness, you’ll be stunned how internally-conflicted you are.

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