The Hidden Connection Between ‘Ghostbusters’ And The Remake

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For some reason, the story of a gang of shamed academics use nuclear physics to combat misshapen demon marionettes was super appealing to everyone back in the ‘8 0s. Ghostbusters went on to become a comedy classic, spawning a sequel, a cartoon series, and a crapload of toys for every conceivable character.

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But since there were still a few dollars to be sucked from the franchise, Ghostbusters got a remake in 2016. And since the new casting was female, an army of basement-dwelling sneaks lost their goddamn minds over it. But while it was easy to defend the movie’s casting selections, it was less easy to defend the movie itself. Sure it wasn’t terrible , but it was … less than great. Like, “multiple extended jokes about wonton soup” not-great. And “the Ghostbusters casually slaying someone” not-great.

Now, Ghostbusters 2016 was a straight-up remake , not a sequel/ reboot hybrid like Creed or Jurassic World . Yet the trailer built it seem like the movie took place in the same cosmo as the original, with a “new team” taking over from the “four scientists” who “saved New York” 30 years ago.

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Audiences expected something like The Force Awakens , but with sad old Bill Murray instead of sad old Han Solo …

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But we ended up get a movie that wholly wiped the ghost-busting slate clean. Or … here’s a think: What if the new movie was part of the original canon, but set in another dimension ? It’s not that crazy. Remember that the rogue of the original Ghostbusters was Gozer, a demon that skips across dimensions collecting leotards and setpieces from Bowie album covers.

IDW Publishing “I shall rename this place ‘Suffragette City.'”

So the notion of parallel cosmoes isn’t new to the Ghostbusters -verse. How does that connect to the remake? In a post-credits scene, Patty makes a discovery while tinkering with some audio equipment 😛 TAGEND

Columbia Image “WHAT’S ‘ZUUL’? “

She hears the name “Zuul” — one of the minions of Gozer from the first movie — so this brief scene is the movie’s route of telling us that the two tales are in fact connected . If what we’re ensure in the remaking is a parallel cosmo, it could also explain why the original Ghostbusters are still kicking around New York, but with different names and occupations.

Columbia Image “Actually, that’s the real Dan Aykroyd. He simply drove on define and wouldn’t leave.”

And since the movie was released, the Ghostbusters comic book series has fully embraced this suggestion. Ghostbusters 101 determines the two teams meeting one another after unwittingly travelling between dimensions.

IDW Publishing It’s like YouTube comment arguments came to life.

What started all this interdimensional confusion? Gozer the Gozerian.

IDW Publishing

It seems that by intersecting the creeks inside Gozer’s portal, the original Ghostbusters “connected to every reality at once” — meaning that all of their ideas were accidentally “seeded into the subconscious of the multiverse, ” as Egon sets it.

IDW Publishing Somewhere, Neil deGrasse Tyson feels a sharp pain in his brain. He doesn’t know why.

They even show us that the Real Ghostbusters Saturday morning cartoon is one of these parallel worlds. Presumably, Slimer helping Winnie the Pooh convince a teen not to smoke fissure also exists in one of these dimensions, albeit the lamest one.

Of course, whether or not the filmmakers’ actual intent was to situate their remake in a parallel dimension in which cosmic powers subtly influenced a group of modern women to imitate some guys who explosion a hole in the universe back in the ‘8 0s, causing their cognitive essence to be sprinkled throughout an infinite number of realities, remains to be seen.

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