This headband could control your dreams

Forget OOTD, Chrissy Teigen is building HBOTD a thing.

HBOTD, which stands for “Headband of the Day, ” is a new Instagram series in which Teigen shares video of her daily workout headwear with her 19.5 million Instagram followers.

On Thursday, Teigen tweeted a screenshot of her Instagram account, revealing a special HBOTD Story Highlight that ensures her fans can easily keep up with the model’s daily rotation of headbands. “You ask, I dedicate, ” she captioned the screenshot.

THIS is the level of extra that Instagram was attained for, people.

At the time of tweeting, HBOTD included eleven updates featuring appearances from Teigen’s very supportive spouse John Legend and their two children, Luna and Miles, on a vacation in Bali.

Legend occasionally provides much needed headband commentary and even wrote his wife a very catchy HBOTD theme song 😛 TAGEND

“Headband of the day, it’s the headband of the working day. Push your locks away with the headband of the day.”

Let’s do our best overlook the fact that “headband” is one word, and that the matter is series should technically be called “HOTD, ” and instead espouse Teigen’s commitment to the bit.

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