This recipe is for people not content with regular sized French fries

Are you less than satisfied with regular sized French fries? Build a super long version at home.

YouTubers HellthyJunkFood, which are normally exaggerate regular fast foods to giant proportions( with a very vaguely healthy spin ), have come up with their own recipe for a instead long French fry, which you can try at home — if you have your own deep fryer.

Importantly, you’re not going to have to find a giant potato for this fry. Instead, it’s a recipe based on mashed potatoes, and real tends to work better than instant here. It’s also not going to be the world’s longest fry — that’s 11 feet 10 inches — but they’re pretty sizeable.

It’s not the first time these YouTubers have created a giant version of a fast food classic. If you’re looking for a giant pairing for your fries, check out their recipes for a giant Big Mac, a giant chicken nugget, a giant Twix, and a giant sushi roll( one of their genuinely healthy takes ).

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