‘To me, to you!’ What makes a great double act?

Image caption Chuckle Brother Barry Elliott passed away aged 73 on Sunday

“To me, to you! ” The Chuckle Brothers’ catchphrase is held dear by generations of children in the different regions of the UK. Paul and Barry Elliott, two brothers from Rotherham, expended their working life as a double act.

After Barry’s death at 73, we asked lifelong fans and collaborators Dick and Dom what makes a great comedy doubled act, and why they’re so popular.

The Chuckle Brother spent more than 30 years on BBC television, entertaining the nation’s children with demonstrates such as Chuckle Hounds, To Me, To You! and, of course, the farcical sitcom Chucklevision.

But what is the appeal of the double act?

In pictures: Barry Chuckle

Entertainer Barry Chuckle dies at 73

Image caption Dick and Dom have worked as a childrens double act for more than 20 years, and appeared with the Chuckle Friend on TV over the years

Media caption“To me, to you” – watch Barry Chuckle, left, in this ChuckleVision moment from 2006

Image caption Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson were at the centre of alternative slapstick in the 1980 s

Image caption Ronnie Barker and Ronnie Corbett were a regular feature on BBC One for two decades

Image caption Double acts differ wildly, but there are three components that connect them all

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