Why Your Eye Twitches

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Do one or both of your eyes twitch? It’s something you’ll notification more than someone else might. Have you ever considered why your eyes might twitch? Thankfully, it’s not due to something serious. Your body’s letting you know something’s a little off; lucky for you, by making some slight adjustments to your lifestyle and route you work, you are able to kiss these riling eye twitchings bye-bye.

Eye twitchings feel worse than they appear. Though they still might attain “youre feeling” self-conscious like you’re the crazy one with that look in your eyes, I promise you; it’s not that bad. Unlike what some may believe, eye twitchings aren’t links with any feeling. They’re usually a symptom of something else.[amazon_link asins=’B0036B8QL0,B075MMR1LN,B07BVYZL88,B004Z8GXWM,B07CDN39DP,B072V5LV6V,B00CBXQ04O,B01BGEW20E,B003YFSRRG’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’katzhere-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’77723b41-b221-11e8-a2dd-793f8119fb8c’]

If you lead a stressed, rushed lifestyle with little sleep, these are two main factors why your eyes might twitch. Stress can lead to insomnia; your body is signaling to you that you need to get more rest.

Eye strain could be another reason why your eyes twitch. This is perfectly understandable. If you continuously stare at your SmartPhone or computer screen the working day, this will bother your eyes. If you wear glasses, you might need different ones. Or if you don’t wear them at all, you should check into get a pair. Gazing at these bright screens can place a strain on your eye muscles. Especially if you’re looking at your SmartPhone before falling asleep. Cut back on using these devices if possible. Or conducted an investigation into getting a special pair while employing your computer.

If you’re stressed out, you’re probably consuming too much caffeine. On the flipside, you might be drinking too much alcohol. Either way, these can be a cause of your eye twitches. If you have dry eyes, head to your local drugstore and buy some eyedrops.

These final two ideas aren’t actual causes for eye twitchings, but you could have nutritional imbalances or allergies you aren’t well informed. In some studies, it was found that a diet with too little magnesium could result in twitchings; or an overproduction of histamine which is released when you have an allergic reaction could stimulate you feel like you have a crazy look in your eye.

Now that you know some of the causes behind eye twitchings, it’s time to get rid of that crazy look in your eyes and stop the twitching for good. You’ll feel better and be healthier.

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