Zodiac Signs – A Cheat Sheet

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People have considered the puzzles of the universe for centuries, following the sun’s energetic movement, the moon’s mysterious cycle, and the whirl of endless stars overhead. Watching the movements of the heavens and understanding ourselves was inseparably connected for a huge number of years. Despite the fact that these two worlds have separated after some time, the enchanted lessons of the universe still guide us today. The investigation of astrology is far reaching, complex, and transformative. In spite of the subtleties, the most crucial rule of astrology focuses on the 12 zodiac signs. Throughout the years, each sign has built up its own particular affiliations — including legends, creatures, and colors — and its own qualities. Each sign depicts an different way of dealing with life, and each contains both exciting positives and frustrating negatives. No sign is perfect

Source: The 12 Zodiac Signs List – Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses – A Cheat Sheet

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